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Create your own Byzantine Masterpiece!

Archangel Gabriel Create your own metal embossing  masterpiece using the decorative art form of the Byzantine icon tradition. Seven different kits are available--each kit contains everything you need to complete your own Byzantine style art, including detailed instructions to guide you through this creative process:

INCLUDED IN EACH KIT               


  • Metal Sheet:    1 Metal piece  (8 1/2" x 9 1/4")  where the design will be embossed.
  • Wood Piece:    1 Piece of wood  where the metal will be mounted  7 1/4" X 8" X 1/2" thick. In the case of crosses , the wood will be cut in the corresponding form.
  • Double-ended Stylus:    1 Kepner tool  for embossing the metal sheet.
  • Blending Stump:    1  blending stump used for flattening the front side of the metal as well as for adding volume to the metal when rubbed on the backside of the metal on a soft surface.
  • Wooden Stick:    To outline the relieved areas.
  • Felt Square:     This is  used to work on the back side of the metal sheet.
  • Stones for Embellishing:    Some pieces  will need  stones.
  • Patterns:    A complete set  and instructions  that will show you how to trace, add volume and add the finishing touches to each piece.

Ordering and  Information:  order form


  Click on the images below to see them in greater size and detail

Archangel Gabriel

7.25" X 8"
Item # K-003
$ 27.50
order form

Virgin of Guadalupe

7.25" X 8"
Item # K-004
$ 27.50
order form

Mother of God

7.25" X 8'
Item # K-005
order form


We also offer tin  and tools for you to do your own embossing.

For Video. Tin and tools, click here.



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